LANZARIN CERAMICS established from Lanzarin's family in 1968. The factory is specialised in the production of baskets of different shape, twisted ceramics, fruit and vegetable arrangements, cachepot and centre pieces.
Thousands of articles completely hand decorated on gold and coloured enamels with preference for the white colour that marks the original shape and the coloured composition of fruits, which are made following the typical working of the region veneto as "a fettuccia" and "a spaghetto". Always warranting to everybody Seriousness in the work, careful Service and Precision.
The factory tries to pay attention to the requests and trying to satisfy Customers’ and Markets’ needs developing new ideas thanks to a flexible and dynamic structure but not forgetting the traditional and typical techniques of Italian ceramics.
The Lanzarin Ceramics is well-know both in Italy and abroad especially in United States, Europe and East Europe, Russia and in Giappone.